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Public Attributes

sbr_info Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

uint8_t abs_bord_lead [2]
uint8_t abs_bord_trail [2]
uint8_t amp_res [2]
uint8_t bs_abs_bord_0 [2]
uint8_t bs_abs_bord_1 [2]
uint8_t bs_add_harmonic [2][64]
uint8_t bs_add_harmonic_flag [2]
uint8_t bs_add_harmonic_flag_prev [2]
uint8_t bs_add_harmonic_prev [2][64]
uint8_t bs_alter_scale
uint8_t bs_alter_scale_prev
uint8_t bs_amp_res
uint8_t bs_coupling
uint8_t bs_crc_flag
uint8_t bs_df_env [2][9]
uint8_t bs_df_noise [2][3]
uint8_t bs_extended_data
uint8_t bs_extension_data
uint8_t bs_extension_id
uint8_t bs_frame_class [2]
uint8_t bs_freq_scale
uint8_t bs_freq_scale_prev
uint8_t bs_header_flag
uint8_t bs_interpol_freq
uint8_t bs_invf_mode [2][MAX_L_E]
uint8_t bs_invf_mode_prev [2][MAX_L_E]
uint8_t bs_limiter_bands
uint8_t bs_limiter_gains
uint8_t bs_noise_bands
uint8_t bs_noise_bands_prev
uint8_t bs_num_rel_0 [2]
uint8_t bs_num_rel_1 [2]
uint8_t bs_pointer [2]
uint8_t bs_protocol_version
uint8_t bs_rel_bord [2][9]
uint8_t bs_rel_bord_0 [2][9]
uint8_t bs_rel_bord_1 [2][9]
uint8_t bs_samplerate_mode
uint16_t bs_sbr_crc_bits
uint8_t bs_smoothing_mode
uint8_t bs_start_freq
uint8_t bs_start_freq_prev
uint8_t bs_stop_freq
uint8_t bs_stop_freq_prev
uint8_t bs_xover_band
uint8_t bs_xover_band_prev
uint8_t bsco
uint8_t bsco_prev
real_t bwArray [2][64]
real_t bwArray_prev [2][64]
int16_t E [2][64][MAX_L_E]
real_t E_curr [2][64][MAX_L_E]
real_t E_orig [2][64][MAX_L_E]
int16_t E_prev [2][64]
uint8_t f [2][MAX_L_E+1]
uint8_t f_master [64]
uint8_t f_prev [2]
uint8_t f_table_lim [4][64]
uint8_t f_table_noise [64]
uint8_t f_table_res [2][64]
uint32_t frame
uint16_t frame_len
real_t * G_temp_prev [2][5]
int8_t GQ_ringbuf_index [2]
uint32_t header_count
uint8_t id_aac
uint16_t index_noise_prev [2]
uint8_t just_seeked
uint8_t k0
uint8_t kx
int8_t kx_prev
int8_t l_A [2]
int8_t l_A_prev [2]
uint8_t L_E [2]
uint8_t L_E_prev [2]
uint8_t L_Q [2]
uint8_t M
uint8_t M_prev
uint32_t maxAACLine
uint8_t n [2]
uint8_t N_high
uint8_t N_L [4]
uint8_t N_low
uint8_t N_master
uint8_t N_Q
uint8_t n_rel_lead [2]
uint8_t n_rel_trail [2]
uint8_t noPatches
uint8_t numTimeSlots
uint8_t numTimeSlotsRate
uint8_t patchNoSubbands [64]
uint8_t patchStartSubband [64]
int8_t prevEnvIsShort [2]
uint8_t psi_is_prev [2]
int32_t Q [2][64][2]
real_t Q_div [2][64][2]
real_t Q_div2 [2][64][2]
int32_t Q_prev [2][64]
real_t * Q_temp_prev [2][5]
qmfa_infoqmfa [2]
qmfs_infoqmfs [2]
uint8_t rate
uint8_t Reset
uint8_t ret
uint32_t sample_rate
uint8_t t_E [2][MAX_L_E+1]
uint8_t t_Q [2][3]
uint8_t table_map_k_to_g [64]
uint8_t tHFAdj
uint8_t tHFGen
qmf_t Xsbr [2][MAX_NTSRHFG][64]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file sbr_dec.h.

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