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Public Attributes

ps_info Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

real_t alpha_decay
real_t alpha_smooth
uint8_t border_position [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES+1]
uint8_t decay_cutoff
uint8_t delay_buf_index_delay [64]
uint8_t delay_buf_index_ser [NO_ALLPASS_LINKS]
uint8_t delay_D [64]
complex_t delay_Qmf [14][64]
complex_t delay_Qmf_ser [NO_ALLPASS_LINKS][5][64]
complex_t delay_SubQmf [2][32]
complex_t delay_SubQmf_ser [NO_ALLPASS_LINKS][5][32]
uint8_t enable_ext
uint8_t enable_icc
uint8_t enable_iid
uint8_t enable_ipdopd
uint8_t frame_class
uint8_t * group_border
complex_t h11_prev [50]
complex_t h12_prev [50]
complex_t h21_prev [50]
complex_t h22_prev [50]
uint8_t header_read
void * hyb
uint8_t icc_dt [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES]
int8_t icc_index [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES][34]
int8_t icc_index_prev [34]
uint8_t icc_mode
uint8_t iid_dt [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES]
int8_t iid_index [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES][34]
int8_t iid_index_prev [34]
uint8_t iid_mode
uint8_t ipd_dt [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES]
int8_t ipd_index [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES][17]
int8_t ipd_index_1 [17]
int8_t ipd_index_2 [17]
int8_t ipd_index_prev [17]
uint8_t ipd_mode
complex_t ipd_prev [20][2]
uint16_t * map_group2bk
uint8_t nr_allpass_bands
uint8_t nr_icc_par
uint8_t nr_iid_par
uint8_t nr_ipdopd_par
uint8_t nr_par_bands
uint8_t num_env
uint8_t num_groups
uint8_t num_hybrid_groups
uint8_t num_sample_delay_ser [NO_ALLPASS_LINKS]
uint8_t numTimeSlotsRate
uint8_t opd_dt [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES]
int8_t opd_index [MAX_PS_ENVELOPES][17]
int8_t opd_index_1 [17]
int8_t opd_index_2 [17]
int8_t opd_index_prev [17]
complex_t opd_prev [20][2]
real_t P_PeakDecayNrg [34]
real_t P_prev [34]
real_t P_SmoothPeakDecayDiffNrg_prev [34]
uint8_t phase_hist
uint8_t ps_data_available
uint8_t saved_delay
uint8_t use34hybrid_bands

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file ps_dec.h.

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