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Public Attributes

mp4ff_track_t Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

int32_t audioType
uint32_t avgBitrate
int32_t channelCount
int32_t ctts_entry_count
int32_t * ctts_sample_count
int32_t * ctts_sample_offset
uint8_t * decoderConfig
int32_t decoderConfigLen
uint64_t duration
uint32_t maxBitrate
uint16_t sampleRate
int32_t sampleSize
int32_t * stco_chunk_offset
int32_t stco_entry_count
int32_t stsc_entry_count
int32_t * stsc_first_chunk
int32_t * stsc_sample_desc_index
int32_t * stsc_samples_per_chunk
int32_t stsd_entry_count
int32_t stsz_sample_count
int32_t stsz_sample_size
int32_t * stsz_table
int32_t stts_entry_count
int32_t * stts_sample_count
int32_t * stts_sample_delta
uint32_t timeScale
int32_t type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 165 of file mp4ffint.h.

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