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** FAAD2 - Freeware Advanced Audio (AAC) Decoder including SBR decoding
** Copyright (C) 2003-2005 M. Bakker, Nero AG, http://www.nero.com
** This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
** it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
** the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
** (at your option) any later version.
** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
** GNU General Public License for more details.
** You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
** along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software 
** Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
** Any non-GPL usage of this software or parts of this software is strictly
** forbidden.
** The "appropriate copyright message" mentioned in section 2c of the GPLv2
** must read: "Code from FAAD2 is copyright (c) Nero AG, www.nero.com"
** Commercial non-GPL licensing of this software is possible.
** For more info contact Nero AG through Mpeg4AAClicense@nero.com.
** $Id: structs.h,v 1.49 2009/01/26 23:51:15 menno Exp $

#ifndef __STRUCTS_H__
#define __STRUCTS_H__

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include "cfft.h"
#ifdef SBR_DEC
#include "sbr_dec.h"

#define MAX_CHANNELS        64
#define MAX_WINDOW_GROUPS    8
#define MAX_SFB             51
#define MAX_LTP_SFB         40
#define MAX_LTP_SFB_S        8

/* used to save the prediction state */
typedef struct {
    int16_t r[2];
    int16_t COR[2];
    int16_t VAR[2];
} pred_state;

typedef struct {
    uint16_t N;
    cfft_info *cfft;
    complex_t *sincos;
#ifdef PROFILE
    int64_t cycles;
    int64_t fft_cycles;
} mdct_info;

typedef struct
    const real_t *long_window[2];
    const real_t *short_window[2];
#ifdef LD_DEC
    const real_t *ld_window[2];

    mdct_info *mdct256;
#ifdef LD_DEC
    mdct_info *mdct1024;
    mdct_info *mdct2048;
#ifdef PROFILE
    int64_t cycles;
} fb_info;

typedef struct
    uint8_t present;

    uint8_t num_bands;
    uint8_t pce_instance_tag;
    uint8_t excluded_chns_present;
    uint8_t band_top[17];
    uint8_t prog_ref_level;
    uint8_t dyn_rng_sgn[17];
    uint8_t dyn_rng_ctl[17];
    uint8_t exclude_mask[MAX_CHANNELS];
    uint8_t additional_excluded_chns[MAX_CHANNELS];

    real_t ctrl1;
    real_t ctrl2;
} drc_info;

typedef struct
    uint8_t element_instance_tag;
    uint8_t object_type;
    uint8_t sf_index;
    uint8_t num_front_channel_elements;
    uint8_t num_side_channel_elements;
    uint8_t num_back_channel_elements;
    uint8_t num_lfe_channel_elements;
    uint8_t num_assoc_data_elements;
    uint8_t num_valid_cc_elements;
    uint8_t mono_mixdown_present;
    uint8_t mono_mixdown_element_number;
    uint8_t stereo_mixdown_present;
    uint8_t stereo_mixdown_element_number;
    uint8_t matrix_mixdown_idx_present;
    uint8_t pseudo_surround_enable;
    uint8_t matrix_mixdown_idx;
    uint8_t front_element_is_cpe[16];
    uint8_t front_element_tag_select[16];
    uint8_t side_element_is_cpe[16];
    uint8_t side_element_tag_select[16];
    uint8_t back_element_is_cpe[16];
    uint8_t back_element_tag_select[16];
    uint8_t lfe_element_tag_select[16];
    uint8_t assoc_data_element_tag_select[16];
    uint8_t cc_element_is_ind_sw[16];
    uint8_t valid_cc_element_tag_select[16];

    uint8_t channels;

    uint8_t comment_field_bytes;
    uint8_t comment_field_data[257];

    /* extra added values */
    uint8_t num_front_channels;
    uint8_t num_side_channels;
    uint8_t num_back_channels;
    uint8_t num_lfe_channels;
    uint8_t sce_channel[16];
    uint8_t cpe_channel[16];
} program_config;

typedef struct
    uint16_t syncword;
    uint8_t id;
    uint8_t layer;
    uint8_t protection_absent;
    uint8_t profile;
    uint8_t sf_index;
    uint8_t private_bit;
    uint8_t channel_configuration;
    uint8_t original;
    uint8_t home;
    uint8_t emphasis;
    uint8_t copyright_identification_bit;
    uint8_t copyright_identification_start;
    uint16_t aac_frame_length;
    uint16_t adts_buffer_fullness;
    uint8_t no_raw_data_blocks_in_frame;
    uint16_t crc_check;

    /* control param */
    uint8_t old_format;
} adts_header;

typedef struct
    uint8_t copyright_id_present;
    int8_t copyright_id[10];
    uint8_t original_copy;
    uint8_t home;
    uint8_t bitstream_type;
    uint32_t bitrate;
    uint8_t num_program_config_elements;
    uint32_t adif_buffer_fullness;

    /* maximum of 16 PCEs */
    program_config pce[16];
} adif_header;

#ifdef LTP_DEC
typedef struct
    uint8_t last_band;
    uint8_t data_present;
    uint16_t lag;
    uint8_t lag_update;
    uint8_t coef;
    uint8_t long_used[MAX_SFB];
    uint8_t short_used[8];
    uint8_t short_lag_present[8];
    uint8_t short_lag[8];
} ltp_info;

#ifdef MAIN_DEC
typedef struct
    uint8_t limit;
    uint8_t predictor_reset;
    uint8_t predictor_reset_group_number;
    uint8_t prediction_used[MAX_SFB];
} pred_info;

typedef struct
    uint8_t number_pulse;
    uint8_t pulse_start_sfb;
    uint8_t pulse_offset[4];
    uint8_t pulse_amp[4];
} pulse_info;

typedef struct
    uint8_t n_filt[8];
    uint8_t coef_res[8];
    uint8_t length[8][4];
    uint8_t order[8][4];
    uint8_t direction[8][4];
    uint8_t coef_compress[8][4];
    uint8_t coef[8][4][32];
} tns_info;

#ifdef SSR_DEC
typedef struct
    uint8_t max_band;

    uint8_t adjust_num[4][8];
    uint8_t alevcode[4][8][8];
    uint8_t aloccode[4][8][8];
} ssr_info;

typedef struct
    uint8_t max_sfb;

    uint8_t num_swb;
    uint8_t num_window_groups;
    uint8_t num_windows;
    uint8_t window_sequence;
    uint8_t window_group_length[8];
    uint8_t window_shape;
    uint8_t scale_factor_grouping;
    uint16_t sect_sfb_offset[8][15*8];
    uint16_t swb_offset[52];
    uint16_t swb_offset_max;

    uint8_t sect_cb[8][15*8];
    uint16_t sect_start[8][15*8];
    uint16_t sect_end[8][15*8];
    uint8_t sfb_cb[8][8*15];
    uint8_t num_sec[8]; /* number of sections in a group */

    uint8_t global_gain;
    int16_t scale_factors[8][51]; /* [0..255] */

    uint8_t ms_mask_present;
    uint8_t ms_used[MAX_WINDOW_GROUPS][MAX_SFB];

    uint8_t noise_used;
    uint8_t is_used;

    uint8_t pulse_data_present;
    uint8_t tns_data_present;
    uint8_t gain_control_data_present;
    uint8_t predictor_data_present;

    pulse_info pul;
    tns_info tns;
#ifdef MAIN_DEC
    pred_info pred;
#ifdef LTP_DEC
    ltp_info ltp;
    ltp_info ltp2;
#ifdef SSR_DEC
    ssr_info ssr;

    /* ER HCR data */
    uint16_t length_of_reordered_spectral_data;
    uint8_t length_of_longest_codeword;
    /* ER RLVC data */
    uint8_t sf_concealment;
    uint8_t rev_global_gain;
    uint16_t length_of_rvlc_sf;
    uint16_t dpcm_noise_nrg;
    uint8_t sf_escapes_present;
    uint8_t length_of_rvlc_escapes;
    uint16_t dpcm_noise_last_position;
} ic_stream; /* individual channel stream */

typedef struct
    uint8_t channel;
    int16_t paired_channel;

    uint8_t element_instance_tag;
    uint8_t common_window;

    ic_stream ics1;
    ic_stream ics2;
} element; /* syntax element (SCE, CPE, LFE) */

#define MAX_ASC_BYTES 64
typedef struct {
    int inited;
    int version, versionA;
    int framelen_type;
    int useSameStreamMux;
    int allStreamsSameTimeFraming;
    int numSubFrames;
    int numPrograms;
    int numLayers;
    int otherDataPresent;
    uint32_t otherDataLenBits;
    uint32_t frameLength;
    uint8_t ASC[MAX_ASC_BYTES];
    uint32_t ASCbits;
} latm_header;

typedef struct
    uint8_t adts_header_present;
    uint8_t adif_header_present;
    uint8_t latm_header_present;
    uint8_t sf_index;
    uint8_t object_type;
    uint8_t channelConfiguration;
    uint8_t aacSectionDataResilienceFlag;
    uint8_t aacScalefactorDataResilienceFlag;
    uint8_t aacSpectralDataResilienceFlag;
    uint16_t frameLength;
    uint8_t postSeekResetFlag;

    uint32_t frame;

    uint8_t downMatrix;
    uint8_t upMatrix;
    uint8_t first_syn_ele;
    uint8_t has_lfe;
    /* number of channels in current frame */
    uint8_t fr_channels;
    /* number of elements in current frame */
    uint8_t fr_ch_ele;

    /* element_output_channels:
       determines the number of channels the element will output
    uint8_t element_output_channels[MAX_SYNTAX_ELEMENTS];
    /* element_alloced:
       determines whether the data needed for the element is allocated or not
    uint8_t element_alloced[MAX_SYNTAX_ELEMENTS];
    /* alloced_channels:
       determines the number of channels where output data is allocated for
    uint8_t alloced_channels;

    /* output data buffer */
    void *sample_buffer;

    uint8_t window_shape_prev[MAX_CHANNELS];
#ifdef LTP_DEC
    uint16_t ltp_lag[MAX_CHANNELS];
    fb_info *fb;
    drc_info *drc;

    real_t *time_out[MAX_CHANNELS];
    real_t *fb_intermed[MAX_CHANNELS];

#ifdef SBR_DEC
    int8_t sbr_present_flag;
    int8_t forceUpSampling;
    int8_t downSampledSBR;
    /* determines whether SBR data is allocated for the gives element */
    uint8_t sbr_alloced[MAX_SYNTAX_ELEMENTS];

    sbr_info *sbr[MAX_SYNTAX_ELEMENTS];
#if (defined(PS_DEC) || defined(DRM_PS))
    uint8_t ps_used[MAX_SYNTAX_ELEMENTS];
    uint8_t ps_used_global;

#ifdef SSR_DEC
    real_t *ssr_overlap[MAX_CHANNELS];
    real_t *prev_fmd[MAX_CHANNELS];
    real_t ipqf_buffer[MAX_CHANNELS][4][96/4];

#ifdef MAIN_DEC
    pred_state *pred_stat[MAX_CHANNELS];
#ifdef LTP_DEC
    int16_t *lt_pred_stat[MAX_CHANNELS];

#ifdef DRM
    uint8_t error_state;

    /* RNG states */
    uint32_t __r1;
    uint32_t __r2;

    /* Program Config Element */
    uint8_t pce_set;
    program_config pce;
    uint8_t element_id[MAX_CHANNELS];
    uint8_t internal_channel[MAX_CHANNELS];

    /* Configuration data */
    NeAACDecConfiguration config;

#ifdef PROFILE
    int64_t cycles;
    int64_t spectral_cycles;
    int64_t output_cycles;
    int64_t scalefac_cycles;
    int64_t requant_cycles;
      latm_header latm_config;
      const unsigned char *cmes;
} NeAACDecStruct;

#ifdef __cplusplus

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