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Public Attributes

Out_Module Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

void(* About )(HWND hwndParent)
int(* CanWrite )()
void(* Close )()
void(* Config )(HWND hwndParent)
char * description
void(* Flush )(int t)
int(* GetOutputTime )()
int(* GetWrittenTime )()
HINSTANCE hDllInstance
HWND hMainWindow
int id
void(* Init )()
int(* IsPlaying )()
int(* Open )(int samplerate, int numchannels, int bitspersamp, int bufferlenms, int prebufferms)
int(* Pause )(int pause)
void(* Quit )()
void(* SetPan )(int pan)
void(* SetVolume )(int volume)
int version
int(* Write )(char *buf, int len)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3 of file out.h.

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