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In_Module Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

void(* About )(HWND hwndParent)
void(* Config )(HWND hwndParent)
char * description
int(* dsp_dosamples )(short int *samples, int numsamples, int bps, int nch, int srate)
int(* dsp_isactive )()
void(* EQSet )(int on, char data[10], int preamp)
char * FileExtensions
void(* GetFileInfo )(char *file, char *title, int *length_in_ms)
int(* GetLength )()
int(* GetOutputTime )()
HINSTANCE hDllInstance
HWND hMainWindow
int(* InfoBox )(char *file, HWND hwndParent)
void(* Init )()
int is_seekable
int(* IsOurFile )(char *fn)
int(* IsPaused )()
void(* Pause )()
int(* Play )(char *fn)
void(* Quit )()
void(* SAAdd )(void *data, int timestamp, int csa)
void(* SAAddPCMData )(void *PCMData, int nch, int bps, int timestamp)
int(* SAGetMode )()
void(* SAVSADeInit )()
void(* SAVSAInit )(int maxlatency_in_ms, int srate)
void(* SetInfo )(int bitrate, int srate, int stereo, int synched)
void(* SetOutputTime )(int time_in_ms)
void(* SetPan )(int pan)
void(* SetVolume )(int volume)
void(* Stop )()
void(* UnPause )()
int UsesOutputPlug
int version
void(* VSAAdd )(void *data, int timestamp)
void(* VSAAddPCMData )(void *PCMData, int nch, int bps, int timestamp)
int(* VSAGetMode )(int *specNch, int *waveNch)
void(* VSASetInfo )(int nch, int srate)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file in2.h.

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